Monday, December 19, 2011

La Mer Watches

I discovered this brand of watches through a friend of mine who is a modern day fashionista. Following the latest trends, she combs through the fads and selects the trends that will last for a long time. The past year has seen the trend of friendship bracelets and Moroccan inspired bracelets come to the forefront of fashion and anything that adds to the chunkiness of the arm is a welcome trend. What we might wear this year, we might think is horrendous next year, that's why they're call fads but this style of watch is something that I think will last a long time and is definitely a different look in terms of accessorizing. 

A  wrap around watch is the distinct style of La Mer watches and while a lot of designers do such a a design, the La Mer brand focuses on the wrap around features with its colors, charms and patterns. The above picture is only one of the more simple designs of their watches. For those with a more colorful or artistic flare, there are other options. 

I like this style of watch as it is mostly aesthetic with a little bit of usefulness added in. The face of the watch is not very big so it isn't particularly a standout feature when worn but with its contrasting colors and craftsmanship the overall look of the watch is very nice. It also doubles up as a bracelet of sorts and adds charm to an outfit. I particularly like this look with a semi-rolled up sleeve blazer. 

There is also a design your own watch option when ordering on the website and you can pick different shape faces, colors, and charms and face color too. So fun yet stressful when trying to complete an order. I picked out my own particular style of watch to suit my personality. 

It isn't shown very well as I was driving while taking this picture, but I chose a black band with rose gold square face and an ombre gun metal chain. Love it a lot. 

Check it out if you like what you see. This may be a good gift for a sister, friend or girlfriend. 

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