Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rimmel London Lipstick Haul

I've been on the prowl to find the PERFECT red lipstick lately. I think it's because I watched too many Jen and Sarah videos on Youtube and they have an absolutely gorgeous collection of reds. Now I've always strayed far from reds because it is so easy to get a bit too lippy-happy and end up looking like a clown. So I never bothered. Why would I when there are so many other pretty colors out there? But I've discovered that it's an amazing color as it can really bring sexy to a look and when applied delicately can be the difference between an 'oh! you look pretty' make up look and a 'wow! you look great!' make up look. Hence my need to suddenly buy so many red lippies at once. Now ASOS recently had a 25% off sale on all Rimmel products and I took the chance to stock up on the lipsticks as it was a great price. Only 3 Pounds or 3 Pounds 50 which is a steal when you live in Australia and prices are usually $10 plus for a drugstore lipstick.

I got 4 Lasting Finish Lipsticks and 2 Kate Lipsticks from the Kate Moss range. I'm not sure if the Kate Moss range is a permanent line or a limited edition line. Anyway, here are the swatches, it was a cloudy day when I took these pictures so they didn't turn out the best. I haven't had the chance to try wearing all of them yet but when I do, I will do an updated review on them.

With Flash

Without Flash

I feel like they're a semi glossy finish and are quite long lasting. They are highly pigmented although it seems tantrum and 01 in Kate are quite similar. I have yet to try these on my lips but I will do photos of these soon on lips. If you want to see how they wear individually then stay tuned for the next installment of the Rimmel London Haul.

On another note: look what arrived in the mail yesterday!! So excited to try these out and I love the new cover of Australian Vogue. An absolutely gorgeous shot.

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