Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 things I plan to do this year

I'm going to keep this list nice and simple as I tend to stray after a while.

1. Think and speak more positively about every person I come across. In this day and age, it is easy to judge someone on their negative qualities a lot more quickly as it comes as human nature to protect ourselves from being hurt, whether it may be your family or friends or a stranger in the store, everyone has individually redeeming qualities and over the years I've come to realize that I've become a lot more negative. So it is my major goal of this year. If I succeed even for a while, I will be a happier person so I am aiming for this one if at least I fail all my other goals.

2. Spot Clean my brushes every time I use them. It is such a bad habit to leave dirty brushes and I'm sure a lot of us have the same habit. So I'm going to try really hard to remember to spot clean them every time after use.

3. Do volunteer work in my local area and also at the end of year go to another country to do volunteer work for 2-3 weeks or maybe more. In my degree, while it is not compulsory to do volunteer work/missions, it is highly regarded as it shows that you are engaging. It also helps you to develop as a person and is an eye opener for most. Two of my friends have gone this year to India and Spain to do volunteer work for 2-3 months. I am so jealous and proud of them. I also think of it as giving something back to the community as I want to be a person who will contribute not only to my country but to the world in my lifetime. Deep I know but it is something of a life long goal for me.

4. Write creatively. This was inspired by an email I received from my best friend after I whatsapped him the night before crying into my phone about several issues. After cheering me up it would have been 2.30am and he had a train to catch at 6am (he is overseas). On his train journey the next day, he wrote me an email in the form of a story about a boy (him) and it was so endearing. I for one, haven't written a story since the day I graduated from year 6 which is a long (long) time ago.

5. Walk the dog more. This really coincides with exercising more. A typical goal for new years but I am shaping it into a different form. Gigi (my dog) is also getting chubby after having her surgery to get her desexed and she has been acting a little weird; like sitting up crazy pant-y smiling at me in the middle of the night and smiling all day. She never used to do this so its a little weird but a little funny at the same time. I plan to get us both into tip top shape and utilize the gigantic park near where I live.

Wow, that sounded incredibly long in writing but in reality it isn't that much. 2011 is over, all the bad, sad, angry things should be left behind as we move onto a new year. If 2012 is really the last year the earth has, I want to do all that I aspired to do and I would be a happy camper even if the world did really end. I know this is meant to be a beauty based blog but it will sometimes consist of ramblings from me, thanks for reading if you are up to this last bit. Have a beautiful meaningful day.

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