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Lunasol Eyeshadow Palettes 10/11

The Lunasol brand is a sub-brand of Kanebo, a Japanese cosmetics brand. Kanebo has long been a beauty secret of the Japanese. Once fervently loved by the Hong Kong community, it is now a staple beauty brand for many Hong Kong women as proven by the Kanebo counters in its department stores. The brand is not widely available in the America's or Australia. I'm not sure about Europe though. It is however available thanks to the internet and online shops.

Kanebo has several sub-brands, some of which you may be familiar with. Off the top of my head, there is Kate, Lunasol, Allie and Coffret D'or. Today I am focusing on Lunasol as it is their top quality eyeshadows that have attracted the likes of Youtube beauty gurus such as fuzkittie and SumMei0529. I first found this brand while browsing the counters in Hong Kong and have since purchased 2 of their palettes. They are an expensive palette (at around $50 usd each) as with most high end Japanese eyeshadows, however the quality of the product makes up for it in excess. The smoothness of application, the subtle but beautiful glitter and the color range is definitely different to Western brands of make up. If you like the natural but slightly made up glowy look, you definitely have to check out the eyeshadows.

Lunasol comes out with a collection of make up once a year usually following a seasonal theme. The themes for 2010 and 2011 were spring and fall respectively. In fact, I think all the collections are released in either spring or fall seeing as the new 2012 collection is a spring collection. I am not sure though so don't quote me on that. :)

OK! Onto the colors and swatches. Again, sorry for the grubby palettes as I've been uber busy with a new job these days so I haven't had the time or energy to blog and take photos.

First we have the 2010 collection of Ocean Scene in Smoky 04. This palette is great for a not so overdone smoky look. May be acceptable to wear to work but wearing it more lightly is advised if you work in a professional career. NOTE: these ARE shimmery shadows but a beautiful sophisticated type shimmery. If you do not like shimmer however, I would advise you to pass on these.

 There are no names for the specific colors but going in a clock wise direction I feel the top first two colors are great for overall lid color while the midnight blue is the crease and the shimmery off-white is the highlight for brow and inner tear duct. I've tried using both the sandy brown and the light blue and I definitely feel that the light blue works better with the highlight and crease color. The three lighter colors are build-able to a certain extant but the dark crease color is definitely build-able.

(Click on the photo for a larger image)

As for the creaminess, well what can I say, it is a great quality shadow as it is super creamy, applies well and most importantly: blends well. The brushes it comes with are also of great quality and while they are a little small, they are great for precision and are extremely soft. They are dual ended brushes with one "blending" brush, one fine tipped sponge and two normal tip sponges. These aren't the crappy sponge applicators that you may have gotten in the past with some other eyeshadow palettes, they are top quality as they pick up powder and deposit powder. I despise brushes and sponges that either swirl powder or just plain absorb powder.

Overall, this is a great great palette, can be used for a work-appropriate smoky look or a more darker sexy smoky look. Loves.

And with that, I would like to introduce the 2011 Three-Dimensional Eyes Shadow palette. Following the theme of fall, Lunasol has come out with the crazy number of 8 different fall colors in one palette!!! That is cray-Zee I tell you.

The size of this palette is the same as the above one but with 3 colors each in the top left and bottom right pan. Namely the highlight colors and crease colors, the palette focuses on soft pinks and browns as a main theme. This palette is great for professionals as the colors are neutral enough and high quality enough to not look too sparkly in the work place and attract unwanted attention. 

The quality again is great, same consistency as its predecessor and just as shimmery in an elegant way. And again, please click on the photos for a larger image. 


(Taken with flash)

Both are without flash but I think the sky turned dark as soon as I took the first photo. Sorry guys! 

Again the order is in clockwise from top left to bottom left. As you can see, the three highlights are quite similar in color but the first glittery shadow is great for dabbing after the whole process. Just a little bit in the centre of the lid is how I like to use it. As for the browns, I like to use them separately as the difference between them is quite large. 

I like this palette more than the 2010 one as it is more wearable for an everyday look. I reach for this constantly, and will most likely continue to until I hit pan. 

I can't wait to get my hands on the 2012 collection. which is called the Petal Pure Eyes (Spring) Collection. I have yet to purchase it but when I do, I will definitely do an updated post on the Lunasol range. I may even venture in to their lipsticks and blushes. Thank you for reading dear readers, upcoming post on LustHaveIt box for all Australian readers. I am excited for this year. I hope you are too. 

What can't you wait to get your hands on this year? 

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  1. Wow, that's a really nice palette and those brushes look great ~ I haven't seen any palettes that come with brushes like that before. Thanks for the in depth review and photos. Sadly, I do not think this palette is available in the UK...looks like I'll have to ask a friend to get me one when they go back to China!! ^^

    Yishi x

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