Saturday, November 26, 2011

Clarisonic Review

As you have all probably heard, the Clarisonic brand has really taken off in Australia in the past 3-4 years as it claims to be the best facial cleansing tool on the market with those that copy it substandard and not utilizing the "sonic" vibration like it claims it is. Now I am usually quite good with seeing past fads and ignoring lemmings however this product would just keep popping up in websites and forums that I read every so often and slowly but surely my lemming grew to the point where I could not not have it and that is the beginning of my Clarisonic story. I'm sure not that different to many of you for different products.

 I had my doubts about this tool as there have been many cleansing tools in the past which claim to revolutionize the cleansing step we all dread at the end of a long day. But my skin was terrible, I had dark scars and newly forming pimples weekly or fortnightly. My nose was filled with blackheads and my pores on my cheeks enlarged. I thought to myself, this product HAS to work! There was no way it couldn't as I could easily squeeze some gunk out of my pores with only a little bit of pressure. So I bit the bullet and bought one via and 4 days later it arrived. *happy dance*

  The 1st day

 The first day using it was wonderful, my skin felt squeaky clean as I examined my face in the mirror. Pores, although not all cleaned out has significantly gone lighter and shrunken while I also felt that there was no residue left over like sometimes when you are lazily washing your face. It was perfect as it did the job for me without me having to harshly scrub my skin. Over the next few days, my skin cleared up a lot and pores never looked smaller. However by the 4th day it was starting to feel a little bit too abrasive and my skin was feeling a bit raw.

  The 1st week

 By the end of the first week I had a new pimple on my forehead which never breaks out. Now this was a surprise and I did some research finding that some users claimed that it was clearing out the dirty stuff and after the initial breakout period, their skin had never looked better so I persisted albeit using less pressure and avoiding the new pimples. It did not turn out well, it seems I was to gain 2 more pimples on one cheek. O I felt so dejected, I had heard so many good things. I kept on using it and still by the 3rd week I had gained even more pimples. I was clearly not working. With no good news in sight for the future, I stopped using it after a month.

  The 1st month

 A month had past and my pores, although smaller were overshadowed by the large pimples I had. I considered several things during the month trial; the cleanser I was using, the pressure I was using, and also the cleanliness of the actual brush head. I had exhausted possibilities and nothing seemed to be working.Maybe the Clarisonic just wasn't mean for me. I have seen good results for other people but it seems that my skin is just too sensitive. Lastly I considered the climate for usage, since I purchased this in the middle of winter, maybe my skin was already too dry to keep using such a tool, so I've decided I will give it another trial in the warmer months of January and February of next year and hopefully then it will give a better result.

 As a last piece of advice to take if you please, know your skin type before you decide to purchase his product and do some good research on it as it is not a cheap tool, even with purchasing on US websites. I hope this little review helped some of you in making the decision and remember, everyone has different skin so what may not work for me may work for you. Good luck!

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