Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Glasshouse Fragrances Candles

Hello dear friends!! I am sorry for my long long absence. I lost interest in updating and felt like it was a pressure to update rather than a desire to update so I decided to stop a while and let my mind explore and create a bit of happiness.

 A little update: I've been learning two languages lately, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. It has been quite a challenge on my brain to process two different languages as the tones and mouth movements are so different. I do find it exciting though, that I can now read some Japanese characters and may be able to figure out what they are saying. The satisfaction really makes up for the hours of memorising.The same goes for Chinese although it is not as exciting because I already have quite a good basic knowledge, although I hope to be able to hold a casual conversation one day in mandarin.I congratulate those of you who have mastered a language that is not your own original tongue as it is a daily learning process.

On other news, I recently bought my first Glasshouse candle. Now if you live in Australia and are a woman between 18 and 45, you will most likely have heard this name come up in your high tea conversations and general chitchats with your girl friends. It is a popular brand name of candles and other luxury goods mostly known for their large candle range and deeeelicious smelling things.

I didn't buy one until a few weeks ago. While looking for a birthday present for a friend, I came across these at David Jones and decided to get two to try. One for her, one for me. I brought the candle home and tidied up my little enclave and set it about my dresser. Just after sunset I lit it for the first time. Now I have to say I am quite impatient and for the first few minutes I was thinking to myself "why can't I smell anything divine?" but I gave it another 15-20 minutes and it started giving a subtle but lovely scent.

The scent I bought was Esperance made of mimosa and wild apple, now I'm not sure what mimosa is supposed to spell like since I have never really noticed flower scents, nor do I know what a wild apple smells like because, we don't have wild apples here? But this was a subtle non-nose-sense-intruding kind of smell and I have to say I have fallen in love with it. I have had comments on how good it smells and I can say I am definitely pleased to have finally purchased it.

These candles are 350grams in weight and have up to 80 hours burn time. I'm not sure if these are soy candles but they claim to be non-toxic and the wicks are lead-free. It is recommended to trim down the burnt part of the wick to leave about 0.5cm so the candle doesn't blacken. I did not do this the first time and my wax is a bit darker now so be warned. Although I do think it is recommended to do this with all candles anyway.

I can't say if this is my favorite scent or favorite brand of candles yet because I am just starting to explore the world of candles but it was definitely the right purchase for a Glasshouse candle. If you have any recommendations for me, please do leave a comment below as I would love to try them out.

Oh and before I forget, I did get another Glasshouse product and that is the Fragrant Body Bar in Marseille and this one...oh amazing as well. In fact, this smells so good that I permanently keep it in front of my computer monitor so the scent whiffs over once in a while. It is meant to be a body bar but I have decided to utilize it as a scent pouch in a hard form. In fact, I have to say out of the two fragrances, I do love this one even more than Esperance.

So tell me friends, what's your favorite scent? Leave a comment below if you please.

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